Thanks for the feature...

May 29, 2008 at 11:18 PM
Thanks for the feature.  It is nearly exactly what I needed to fulfill a request from one of my business owners.  I am very delighted that you have security trimmed the views. 

Here are some additions I would love to see in future versions of the solution:
  • Ability to click on any of the groups in the "Manage User Membership" display and be able to view a list of all users who are members of that group.  From this view one would also ideally be able to add users to that group.
  • A button on the Manage User Membership page (perhaps next to "find") to display "All Users". (Same as using the *)
  • A link tot he tool that exists outside the central admin.  (Something that would be activated when the feature is turned.  Perhaps a link next to the Groups, All People, and Site Permissions.